Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 5961 P-13 Ruby Gem Special Edition (1 of 10)

Basic Info

Brand: Patek Philippe
Model: Annual Calendar Chronograph
Reference: 5961P-013
Movement: Automatic
Case Material: Platinum
Bracelet Material: Crocodile Skin
Year of Production: 2012 (Approx)
Condition: Pristine/Like New (Sealed Factory Service)
This watch has recently returned back from Patek Philippe warranty service in Geneva and is still sealed.
Comes With: Boxes / Papers (Original)
Location: Boca Raton, FL
Price: $975,000
Availability: In Stock


Case Material: Platinum
Case Diameter: 40.5mm
Water Resistance: 30ATM
Bezel Material: Platinum
Crystal: Sapphire crystal
Dial: Black
Dial Numerals: No Numerals
Bracelet: Crocodile Skin
Clasp: Fold Clasp
Functions: Chronograph, Flyback, Annual Calendar

The Patek Philippe Annual Calendar 5961 P-13 Ruby Bezel Watch

The Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Chronograph 5961 is the epitome of horological sophistication and exclusivity. It is an extraordinary feat of watchmaking craftsmanship, where the timeless allure of the brand is gracefully adorned with precious gemstones. Only ten of these exceptional timepieces exist worldwide, a fact that amplifies their desirability and contributes to their soaring value.

The Patek Philippe 5961 with a ruby bezel is a timepiece that surpasses expectations, even by Patek Philippe’s lofty standards. It is an embodiment of the brand’s dedication to unerring precision, outstanding technical proficiency, and sublime aesthetic refinement. The watch’s intricacy is matched only by its rareness, with the production limited to just ten pieces, making it one of the most coveted timepieces in the world.

The Annual Calendar Chronograph 5961 is powered by Patek Philippe’s automatic in-house Calibre CH 28-520 IRM QA 24H. The movement offers a flyback chronograph, an annual calendar, a power reserve indicator, and a day-night indicator, exquisitely integrating a variety of functions into a harmonious display.

The aesthetic appeal of this timepiece is simply breathtaking. The dial is an elegant black, offering a striking contrast to the platinum case. The watch’s real crowning glory, however, is the beautiful ruby bezel. Adorned with flawless baguette-cut rubies, the bezel adds a regal touch to this masterpiece, reflecting a light that is as compelling as it is captivating. The precious gems beautifully complement the shimmering allure of the 40.5mm platinum case, accentuating the watch’s distinct design and extraordinary craftsmanship.

One of the defining characteristics of the 5961 model is the integration of the annual calendar and chronograph functions, a feat that hasn’t been attempted by many other watchmakers. This unique combination places the 5961 model as a standout reference in Patek Philippe’s repertoire, demonstrating the brand’s ability to push boundaries and redefine the horological landscape.

The asking price for a Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Chronograph 5961 with a ruby bezel can indeed reach the million-dollar mark, and there are several reasons for this. The watch is an impeccable marriage of technical mastery and extraordinary aesthetics, with an unparalleled level of craftsmanship evident in every detail.

Furthermore, the scarcity of this model significantly drives up its price. The brand produced just ten pieces of this model, creating a market situation where demand far outstrips supply. For collectors, owning one of these rare watches is not just about the timepiece itself but also about possessing a part of Patek Philippe’s illustrious history.

The use of precious materials like platinum and rubies adds to the intrinsic value of the watch. Each ruby is meticulously selected and set, adding further to the labor and craftsmanship required to create each timepiece. The horological complexity, precious materials, rarity, and the brand prestige all culminate in the extraordinary price tag that this watch commands.

In essence, the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Chronograph 5961 with a ruby bezel is a symphony of luxury, precision, and scarcity. It represents an art form that transcends time, where each tick whispers tales of unmatched craftsmanship and an illustrious heritage. This timepiece isn’t just a watch; it’s a testament to the extraordinary world of Patek Philippe, where horological dreams are brought to life in the most spectacular fashion.

The Difficulty Of Using Ruby Gemstones In Manufacturing Patek Philippe Watches

Crafting a Patek Philippe watch using Ruby Gemstones is a formidable challenge, one that entails navigating an intricate maze of rarity, precision, and aesthetic harmony. The brand’s dedication to excellence dictates that only the finest gemstones be used, ensuring that each timepiece remains a paragon of luxury and exclusivity.

The path from ruby mines to a Patek Philippe timepiece is a long and complex journey. Not all rubies possess the quality required for a Patek Philippe watch. The stones must be flawless, a rarity in nature, as most rubies are marred with inclusions that make them unsuitable for use in high-end luxury watches. Therefore, identifying those select few that can make the cut is an exercise in meticulousness and patience.

But the rarity of suitable gemstones is just the beginning. The precision demanded in crafting a Patek Philippe watch requires each ruby to be cut in a specific way to fit the timepiece perfectly. Given the hardness of rubies, only second to diamonds, cutting them with such precision requires exceptional skill, mastery, and patience. Each gemstone must be cut, shaped, and polished to precise dimensions, ensuring that it fits seamlessly into its designated place on the watch.

Achieving a consistent aesthetic across multiple rubies is yet another monumental task. The brand is known for its unwavering commitment to aesthetic coherence and sophistication. This means that all rubies used in a watch must showcase the same shade of red, a feat that is remarkably challenging to achieve due to the natural variation in color found in rubies.

Ruby formation is a result of nature’s whims, subjected to a complex interplay of pressure, heat, and the presence of trace elements. This complex process results in each ruby being unique in its coloration. Finding rubies that exhibit the exact same shade of red is, therefore, akin to finding a needle in a haystack. But this is precisely what Patek Philippe strives for – perfection in harmony.

The difficulty in matching the color intensifies when we consider the number of rubies used in a single timepiece. For a watch like the Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Chronograph 5961, which has a bezel adorned with baguette-cut rubies, the challenge of color-matching is amplified, making the crafting process incredibly demanding.

When you factor in these elements – the rarity of high-quality rubies, the meticulous precision required in cutting them, and the immense challenge of ensuring a consistent shade of red – it becomes evident why creating a Patek Philippe watch adorned with rubies is an exceptional feat.

This painstaking process also elucidates why these timepieces command the prices they do. The immense difficulty in crafting these watches contributes to their rarity, and by extension, their value. A Patek Philippe watch adorned with rubies is not just a luxury item; it’s a testament to the brand’s relentless pursuit of perfection, its commitment to overcoming the most formidable challenges, and its undying love for crafting timepieces that are nothing short of extraordinary. It’s a tangible manifestation of the brand’s ethos – that every Patek Philippe watch is worth the wait, worth the effort, and worth every cent of its price.

Why You Can’t Just Buy A New Patek Philippe Watch

Patek Philippe isn’t just a luxury watch brand; it’s an institution that symbolizes prestige, heritage, and the pinnacle of horological craftsmanship. The process of acquiring a new Patek Philippe timepiece is as exclusive as the watches themselves. This exclusivity creates an elusive allure around the brand that intensifies the desire to own a Patek Philippe.

Stepping into a Patek Philippe boutique isn’t just about walking into a retail store; it’s akin to entering a world where time itself is cherished. The brand has crafted an air of exclusivity, where the ability to purchase their masterpieces isn’t just about financial capability, but also about appreciation for the art and craft of watchmaking. This heightens the brand’s prestige, positioning it as more than just a luxury purchase, but a privilege reserved for the discerning few.

The exclusive selection process ensures that each Patek Philippe watch finds a rightful wrist, a home where it is not just owned, but truly valued and cherished. Potential buyers often need to have a longstanding relationship with the brand or with authorized dealers. Many collectors even view owning a Patek Philippe as a rite of passage, a testament to their discernment and appreciation of exceptional horology.

Patek Philippe also strictly controls the production numbers of their watches. By creating a scarcity, the brand enhances the desirability of its timepieces. Limited production ensures that each watch remains unique, sought-after, and treasured. This careful distribution strategy has been instrumental in cultivating a cult-like following among watch enthusiasts and collectors worldwide.

But what happens when a watch enthusiast craves a Patek Philippe without the boutique’s exclusivity and waiting periods? This is where pre-owned watch dealers come into the picture. They democratize the process of owning a Patek Philippe, giving more people access to the luxury of these timepieces.

Pre-owned watch dealers work with customers who are passionate about luxury watches, offering them a more accessible pathway to owning a Patek Philippe. With their extensive network and vast knowledge of the market, they can source and provide a variety of Patek Philippe models, even those rare and highly sought-after pieces.

Moreover, the pre-owned market offers another significant advantage: availability. Unlike new pieces that might require a customer to be waitlisted for months or even years, pre-owned Patek Philippe watches are often readily available. As such, collectors can bypass the lengthy waiting periods typically associated with acquiring new timepieces from the brand.

In addition, purchasing from a pre-owned dealer allows enthusiasts to explore a broader selection of Patek Philippe watches, including vintage and discontinued models. Such diversity in offerings can satisfy various tastes, from those who crave the prestige of a vintage piece to those who desire a more contemporary design.

While the allure of acquiring a Patek Philippe directly from a boutique is undeniable, the pre-owned market offers an alternative path. Both avenues offer unique experiences and cater to different needs. Whether you seek the exclusive experience from a boutique or the accessibility from a pre-owned dealer, owning a Patek Philippe watch remains a testament to one’s appreciation for exemplary horology. In the end, what matters is the joy derived from owning a masterpiece that embodies the pinnacle of Swiss watchmaking.

About The Patek Philippe Annual Calendar Family

Patek Philippe’s Annual Calendar family of watches symbolizes a synthesis of excellence and convenience, that harmoniously marries the world of haute horology with everyday practicality. The true charm of this collection lies in its signature feature – the ingenious mechanism that accurately accounts for the variable lengths of 11 months, requiring just a single adjustment a year, at the end of February.

This sophisticated complication is an impressive technical feat, showcasing the brand’s unwavering commitment to horological innovation. The self-winding caliber with an annual calendar comes in a variety of configurations, providing the date, day of the week, month, and moon phases in most models. It’s a blend of mechanical prowess and aesthetic finesse, underlining the technical mastery and the spirit of innovation that is quintessentially Patek Philippe.

A standout feature of the Annual Calendar family is the clarity of its presentation. Despite the complexity of the information displayed, each piece ensures the utmost legibility. The dial layouts have been meticulously designed to ensure that each function is clearly identifiable, adding a degree of user-friendliness to its sophisticated mechanics.

Within the collection, you will find watches housing a variety of complications, from chronographs to moon-phase indicators, each integrating the precision of the annual calendar function. The collection offers a range of case materials including white, yellow, and rose gold, as well as stainless steel, catering to a spectrum of tastes.

In terms of aesthetic design, the Annual Calendar collection strikes a perfect balance between tradition and modernity. The watches are elegant, but not overtly flashy, allowing the intricate craftsmanship to take center stage. The clean lines and minimalist design elements echo Patek Philippe’s commitment to understated luxury.

So, what sets the Annual Calendar collection apart from other Patek Philippe families? It’s the perfect equilibrium of complexity and everyday functionality. While other families might offer grander complications or more ornate designs, the Annual Calendar collection presents a unique blend of user-friendly complications, a refined aesthetic, and a distinct value proposition.

The price point of the Annual Calendar collection sits higher than many other Patek Philippe watches due to the intricate nature of the annual calendar mechanism. Its creation and assembly require not just technical prowess, but also an extraordinary level of craftsmanship. The complexity of this mechanism necessitates a larger number of components, each carefully finished, assembled, and adjusted by Patek Philippe’s master watchmakers. Additionally, the integration of other complications, like chronographs and moon phases, adds to the watches’ complexity and thereby, their cost.

Furthermore, the Annual Calendar watches’ price point reflects Patek Philippe’s commitment to exclusivity and the brand’s status as a purveyor of luxury goods. Owning a Patek Philippe watch, especially one from the Annual Calendar collection, is an undeniable statement of sophistication and an appreciation for fine craftsmanship.

To own a Patek Philippe Annual Calendar watch is to possess a marvel of horological engineering, a masterpiece that perfectly embodies the brand’s dedication to perfection, innovation, and elegance. It is an investment in an extraordinary piece of wearable art that will continue to captivate and inspire for generations.

About Patek Philippe

Patek Philippe is not just a watch; it is an experience, a testament to uncompromising mastery of horology, a symbol of luxurious sophistication. Owning a Patek Philippe watch is like owning a piece of art that embodies decades of perfectionism and the persistent pursuit of the extraordinary. It is the ultimate brand for a watch collector to own, not because of the prestige it holds, but because of the relentless quest for precision, innovation, and sublime craftsmanship that is deeply ingrained in every timepiece Patek Philippe produces.

Every Patek Philippe watch exudes an aura of exclusivity, reflecting its own unique narrative. These are not mass-produced commodities; they are the result of a meticulously guided process that respects the highest standards of Swiss watchmaking, while also embracing technological advancements. Each Patek Philippe watch is crafted to be a timeless piece, an enduring symbol of elegance and sophistication, and every minute detail is perfected with an unerring commitment to excellence.

The value of a Patek Philippe exceeds the bounds of time, as each piece is a result of countless hours of patience, skill, and undying dedication. As an owner of a Patek Philippe, you don’t just wear a watch. You wear an illustrious heritage, a magnificent blend of tradition and innovation, and a legacy that you pass onto the next generation. This is a brand that promises not only superior timekeeping but also an exceptional journey filled with priceless moments.

Owning a Patek Philippe watch is a deeply personal experience. The intrinsic value of the watch lies not just in its physical attributes but also in the emotional connection that it fosters. Patek Philippe ensures that every timepiece is not just an accessory but a personal treasure, an embodiment of the wearer’s unique story and achievements. The brand’s credo, “You never actually own a Patek Philippe. You merely look after it for the next generation,” resonates deeply with collectors who appreciate not just the material value, but also the emotional and heritage significance that each timepiece possesses.

Patek Philippe watches are not just functional instruments; they are expressions of a distinctive lifestyle, of refined taste, of a deep appreciation for understated luxury. They represent an exquisite blend of innovation, tradition, and a sense of eternity. It is the brand that truly recognizes the value of time, that endeavors to honor each fleeting moment with a masterpiece of horological genius, and that understands the profound impact a tiny timepiece can have on generations to come.

There’s something magical about Patek Philippe, a magic that stems from its relentless pursuit of excellence, its commitment to maintain the purity of its craft, and its vision to create watches that are not just instruments of timekeeping but timeless pieces of art. As the ultimate brand for a watch collector, Patek Philippe isn’t just about owning a watch. It’s about being a part of an extraordinary legacy, a legacy defined by timeless elegance, supreme craftsmanship, and an unwavering commitment to horological perfection. It’s about being a part of the Patek Philippe family.

Why You Should Work With Crowned & Co For Pre-Owned Patek Philippe Watches

When it comes to procuring horological masterpieces, Crowned & Co. exceeds the ordinary to bring you the extraordinary. We are not merely purveyors of high-end luxury watches; we are connoisseurs who understand the nuanced desire for fine craftsmanship, exclusivity, and the intimate romance that underpins the world of horology. Our expertise spans over a decade and a half, with a proud history of catering to discerning individuals who appreciate the finer things in life.

Our illustrious journey of 15 years has led us to specialize in brands that are the very epitome of luxury, and Patek Philippe is the crown jewel among these. A Patek Philippe timepiece is more than a watch. It is a piece of history, a testament to exceptional craftsmanship and timeless elegance. It represents a grand tradition of excellence in Swiss watchmaking, a benchmark that others aspire to match.

Why should a high net worth individual consider purchasing a pre-owned Patek Philippe from Crowned & Co.? There are many reasons, each as compelling as the next.

The pre-owned market offers a gateway to a broader range of timepieces, including discontinued models or limited-edition creations that are no longer available in boutiques. This is particularly relevant for Patek Philippe, a brand known for its limited production. Some of the most coveted models have been out of production for years, and the only avenue to acquire these rare gems is through the pre-owned market.

When you acquire a pre-owned Patek Philippe from us, you’re investing in more than a watch; you’re investing in the Crowned & Co. guarantee. Each timepiece we offer has undergone a rigorous process of authentication and maintenance, ensuring it retains its original splendor. Our expert team, with its vast knowledge and meticulous eye for detail, ensures that every watch we offer matches the brand’s original specifications in both performance and aesthetics.

Crowned & Co. is renowned for its exemplary service. We understand that acquiring a luxury timepiece is a personal journey, one that requires guidance, trust, and confidentiality. Over the past 15 years, we’ve earned the trust of high net worth individuals worldwide by consistently delivering on these fronts. Our relationship with our clients transcends the transactional, morphing into a bond cemented with trust and mutual respect.

We understand the universe of luxury watches like no other. We comprehend the allure of a Patek Philippe, the thrill of unboxing a Rolex, the excitement of securing a limited-edition Audemars Piguet. We share your passion for these masterpieces, and this common ground enables us to serve you better, to understand your desires, and to help you choose the timepiece that best resonates with your persona.

Investing in a pre-owned Patek Philippe is a sound financial decision. Given the brand’s commitment to quality and exclusivity, their timepieces hold their value exceptionally well. Some models have even appreciated over time, making them not just a purchase, but a sound investment.

Choosing Crowned & Co. as your partner in this journey brings you more than the promise of a luxury timepiece. It brings you into a world of unmatched expertise, unfailing integrity, and an insatiable passion for luxury watches. We don’t just deal in watches; we curate experiences that are as extraordinary as the timepieces we offer.

Our commitment to our clientele extends beyond our words. We invite you to experience the Crowned & Co. difference firsthand. Allow us to guide you through our curated selection of pre-owned Patek Philippe watches. Let us help you find the timepiece that doesn’t just tell the time, but also tells your story, a piece that is not just an accessory, but a statement of your taste, your passion, and your extraordinary journey. With Crowned & Co., you’re not just buying a watch. You’re embracing a legacy, a lineage of excellence that is as timeless as the timepieces we offer. You’re becoming a part of a world where time is not just measured in seconds, but in heartbeats. We welcome you to Crowned & Co., where time is a luxury, and luxury is timeless.